2 Days Mt. Ololokwe Trek

What to Carry

  • Sleeping Bag/Warm Shuka
  • Shawl for the colder evening
  • Proper hiking shoes
  • Toiletries(Towel, Soap, Tooth Brush, toothpaste, Tissue)
  • Sandals for the camp
  • Drinking-Water
  • Drinks and Beverages: We have Sundowners so carry adequate drinks.
  • Sunhat/ Sunscreen/ Sunglasses
  • Warm Jacket/Fleece
  • Enough Snacks to last the trip
  • Day Pack /Small Bag to carry your personal items for the hike.
  • Cameras
  • Identification card / Passport

Half Day Excursion in Old Town Mombasa

The Old Town of Mombasa is a multicultural Safari tour destination. Depicted from the architecture around, this ancient city hosted the Portuguese, Arabs, Asians and the British. Some of the Architure around like the Fort Jesus is that attraction that you will be more delighted to explore. This tour will thus give you a memorable experience. Some of the attraction we will explore on this safari tour include;

Fort Jesus – An ancient building built by the Portuguese as a hideout during wars and thus has such a rich history that the guides will dig even deeper to it.

Visit the butterfly house – This is an amazing destination for a serene picnic which you can try out as you watch butterflies flap their wings around. This trip will give you butterflies I bet.

Stroll through old town – You will stroll through old town and just explore activities around, buildings and the culture of the people. This is also an amazing experience since the Mombasa  people are very welcoming. Nonetheless taking pictures along the crossed Elephant tusks in the city is another amazing experience. The tusks were put in place in 1952 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s first visit to Mombasa.

Enjoy some coffee or tea- A cup of coffee or Tea is yet another amazing experience since the Mombasa people are not only lovers of coffee and tea but also have mastered the art of preparing the two. You can also try other cuisines.