1 Day Hell’s Kitchen

1 Day Hell’s Kitchen

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1 Day Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s kitchen is the largest depression in Kenya, characterized by sandstone rock which due to rain and wind has eroded. This phenomenon gives life to a canyon of thousand shades of colors and depending on the temperatures within the day, the colors change from time to time. This then makes hell's kitchen a choice safari destination because of the enchanting colors and the amazing morphology. The most amazing view is at sunset when the sunlight meets the color of the earth and the rocks take different colors.

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Pick up and depart from your hotel in Mombasa at 0300 hrs heading towards Malindi on a 1.5hr duration. After arrival at probably 1630hrs, you can walk through the valleys of the canyon, exploring the extreme beauty of the place until sunset when the rocks tend to take different colors, such a unique phenomenon. You will also have a chance to interact with the community around which is such an experience before starting back at probably 2000hrs.

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Residents Non residents
2 Persons in a safari Cruiser 10000 kshs (Per Person) 130 kshs (Per Person)
Van 7000 kshs (Per Person) 100 kshs (Per Person)
4 Persons in a safari Cruiser 5500 kshs (Per Person) 85 kshs (Per Person)
Van 4000 kshs (Per Person) 70 kshs (Per Person)
6 Persons in a safari Cruiser 4000 kshs (Per Person) 70 kshs (Per Person)
Van 3000 kshs (Per Person) 60 kshs (Per Person)
8 Persons in a safari Cruiser 3300 kshs (Per Person) 63 kshs (Per Person)
Van 2800 kshs (Per Person) 58 kshs (Per Person)

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